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    Is it possible to link Graphs on a dash?

    Michaela Dennis

      Hey Tableau Community!


      I have ran into an issue and I want to know if there is a way around it. I am working on a live updated dashboard, meaning it pulls new data from a sql database everyday to update to our current situation. For one of the viz that I want to add to the dash (a radial pie chart) I had to create a new file in order to get the proper information and now it isn't synced to the database because of that. I still would like to you use the viz however because I think it is really powerful which leads me to my question. Is it possible to link the viz to another worksheet that is showing the same data in a different way in order to get it to continuously update? In other words it would be a viz of a viz.... Possible?


      Thanks everyone!

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          Zach Leber

          Hi Michaela, you should be able to use the same SQL data for both your main viz and your secondary viz. You shouldn't have to export the data into a file, you can do the necessary transformations in Tableau. To get more help, please save your workbook as a TWBX, then extract both the SQL data and the secondary file data, re-save the TWBX, and post here.