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    How to troubleshoot error with 'Publish As A Datasource' Output step?

    Adam Lopuch

      I get an error when trying to publish a given stream as a data source to a Tableau Server on-premise instance. 


      The error, unfortunately, does not give much info.  Is there any way I can get further info on what may be causing this error, such as log files somewhere?


      I've narrowed it down to a single stream's Publish output which causes the error.  I can take that same stream and output as a .hyper extract and it works fine (no error).  I have other output steps in my flow which publish data sources to same server, same project folder, and these also work fine.  It's a relatively small data source... less than 2 million records... I am able to publish both smaller and larger datasets using the Output step.


      My suspicion is that maybe there is some data encoding issue with this one datastream, but for the life of me I can't find it in the data... I'm hoping there's a way to better understand what may be causing this error.

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          Adam Lopuch

          Asked and answered -- not much more I could find; if anyone has any thoughts, please let me know.


          The Prep UI error read "Flow Failed" / "An error has occurred while running the flow"


          I found logs in my Prep Repository folder... \logs\log_1.txt


          Unfortunately the error text doesn't give me much more detail other than "an HTTP error occurred" (Error 400).


          After stripping out some of the JSON, looks like the relevant lines leading up to this error are:


          {"ts":"2018-07-06T10:27:04.719","pid":20864,"tid":"2438","sev":"info","k":"msg","v":"Calling rest api to publish tde file C:\\Users\\MY-USERNAME\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\1530887213102-0\\60ce45cd-01ed-48e9-b139-987c15d1c0e0.hyper to site MY-SITENAME, project 893b7c64-d9ed-4538-af54-f1054304f811"}

          {"ts":"2018-07-06T10:27:04.719","pid":20864,"tid":"2438","sev":"info","k":"msg","v":"Publishing data source 'MY-DATASOURCE-NAME' on site '77cee2d1-5cc3-44d7-b9f3-44368882f79d'."}

          {"ts":"2018-07-06T10:27:04.719","pid":20864,"tid":"2438","sev":"info","k":"msg","v":"Publishing data source file to server with file in request body"}




          {"ts":"2018-07-06T10:27:16.180","pid":20864,"tid":"2438","sev":"error","k":"msg","v":"An HTTP error occurred. Raw response: <html><head><title>Error</title></head><body>\r\n<h2>ERROR: 400</h2>\r\n<br>\r\n</body></html>\r\n"}

          {"ts":"2018-07-06T10:27:16.187","pid":20864,"tid":"2438","sev":"error","k":"msg","v":"Error processing selectInto: throwable=class com.tableau.loom.vizportal.exceptions.VizportalPublishException, throwableLocation=com.tableau.loom.vizportal.exceptions.VizportalPublishException: Unable to publish the data source \MY-DATASOURCE-NAME\". Check that the server is running and you have correct permissions to publish to the specified project."}

          {"ts":"2018-07-06T10:27:16.187","pid":20864,"tid":"2438","sev":"error","k":"msg","v":"Failed to publish the data source"}

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            Anushka A

            Hi Adam,

            Sorry you are running into this issue. Could you file a support case? They'll follow up with a request for more info. so that the product team has enough information to investigate and fix the issue.