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    Can I use values in fixed statement?

    Mayur Runwal

      Can I use values in fixed statement? for example:


      { FIXED [Current Fiscal Quarter Flag],[Region]='AMS',[Deployment]='Production',[Users] = 'CAD + CAE'':SUM({ FIXED [Delivery Group]:MAX([DG Count])})}


      I am new to Tableau. Is this right way to do it? Or can we do it in alternate / easy way?

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          Jeevan Krishna

          Hi Mayur,


          Create a calculated field with all the conditions you have using and clause like this.






          [Users] = 'CAD + CAE'


          This will result in a Boolean field. Use this filed instead of all the conditions you have included in the above question.


          Apply this boolean field as a filter and select TRUE.


          Hope this helps

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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning

            The question - can you use values in an LOD - yes you can -

            the calculation you created is a little complex but you could od it that way or your could put your conditional clauses after the colon:


            But here is what is going on with the fixed LOD - Fixed creates combinations of all the dimensions that precede the colon and then aggregates them by what follows the colon - so if your statement was just 


                 [Fiscal Quarter],[Region]',[Deployment],[Users]: ...

            the statement would make all the combinations of quarter, region, deployment, and users to create a higher level of data for your data - that level is not an aggregate in itself and can be used in all other types of calculation including other LODs or table - by specifying values for the dimensions tableau will calculate a single value - that's OK but not that useful for use in other calculations

            A better approach is use the conditions as qualifiers in the next level of the calculation - it is also more efficient



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