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    Linked Workbook Filters on Dashboards

    Robert Tonkin

      Hi All,


      I'm currently stuck on a problem, I feel the answer is probably quite simple but I'm just missing something.


      I'm trying to make a simple dashboard to examine the user purchasing journey over several transactions. At the moment I can easily identify the channels a user's first purchase comes from, and which their second person comes from etc. But what I'm interested to know is, of the people who purchased through say Channel 4, what channels did these users use on their second purchase.


      Right now this is what I have, a dashboard with multiple worksheets. The first worksheet shows the purchase channel for customers' initial orders, the second worksheet shows the purchases for the customers' second purchase etc. etc.



      What I want is to be able to click on Channel 5 on "First Order", and then to see, then all the below worksheets are filtered so that I can see the purchasing behavior of people who initially purchased through channel 5.


      I can use the "Use as Filter" function, but I get the following result which is not what I'm looking for (it filters by the channel, but I want it to filter by the users's who purchased through that channel).


      The Database consists of 5 fields:


      UID - The users ID
      PurchaseID - The unique ID for each purchase

      BookTime - The time for each booking
      Channel - The channel for each booking
      BookingSequence - Will show "1" is it was that users's first booking, "2" if it was the user's second booking etc.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Robert,


          Please find the attached as an example of

          how this scenario could be implemented in Tableau.


          It is the actual [Customer Name] Dimension values

          that should be sent from one view to another via Filter Actions.


          So the [Customer Name] Dimension should be present (on Details)

          on every Source view used in the Filter Action(s).


          Users should be able to multi-select a group of Marks (Customers) on a view in a single gesture.

          This could be done when selecting the [Region] Header(s) -- not the actual Marks,

          as they're on top of each other (with the Stack Marks set to OFF).


          So each view should have [Region] Headers visible (hence clickable),

          and users should be trained to the Header selection behaviour.


          Besides, Filter Actions for the 1st and subsequent views

          could be made a little bit differently (as in the example) -- depends on a case.


          Hope it would be of some help.




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            Robert Tonkin

            Thank you very much Yuriy. With these instructions and your example I was eventually able to getting it working correctly.


            Still, I can't help thinking there must be a better way to do it. With a large amount of data the current approach is painfully slow, although maybe that's unavoidable.


            Thanks again!

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              Yuriy Fal

              Hi Robert,


              If the # Customers is high, so the Customer on Details could be a performance hit,

              then there would be alternatives -- as 'simple' as a table with all paths available in the data

              (or even all theoretically possible ones) with the aggregated Customer CountD as a Measure.


              Please find the attached w/mod on Sheet 7.




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                Robert Tonkin

                Hi Yuriy,


                I finally got some time to take a look and implement this solution.


                It works well, and is much better performance-wise than the other solution. I think once I play around with some filters etc. I can make it much more useful too.


                Thanks for your help!

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                  Yuriy Fal

                  Robert, you're welcome.