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    Waterfall chart with multiple measures on X-axis

    Gaurav Mehta

      Hi, I'm looking to create a waterfall chart with 2 different kinds of measures on the X-axis.  In the attached Excel, I've included some basic data for which I want to create the chart/dashboard.


      Basically, I need to see the difference in sales by country broken out into the waterfall between the total sales bars for Year 1 and Year 2 - I've attached a rough sample image as well of what I'd like my output to look like.


      What I'm struggling with the most is to create a waterfall chart where I can show the change in sales from Year 1 to Year 2, i.e., I'd like the chart to show that sales have declined in Country A and increased in Country B in the waterfall chart.


      It would be extremely helpful to get a solution for this.


      Thanks in advance!