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    Use dashboard actions and filters to navigate to different dashboards based on user selection


      Dear Tableau-Gurus,

      I'm still new to Tableau and I need your help setting this up..

      I have a Dashboard with a single Worksheet on it. It's a filled map with different countries. I want to use dashboard actions (and probably filters) to link to different dashboards (or sheets) based on a selected country. The target dashboards each contain a single sheet (other maps).

      Quick example.. Let's say we got country A and country B on a map on our source dashboard 0. If the user clicks on country A, dashboard 1 with a map-sheet should appear. If the user clicks on country B, dashboard 2 with a different map-sheet should get in the view.

      I don't know if this is possible, since I can't use groups or filters to filter dashboard actions for a sheet.

      After reading through the forums and different blogs, I think a workaround could be setting both sheets on the same dashboard and hide/show them based on country selection:

      The User clicks on country A, it links to dashboard 1 and shows sheet 1; user clicks on country B, it links to dashboard 1 and shows sheet 2.

      Is this possible with sheet swapping/popping? I could set up a calculated field with returns a string or bool variable (something like.. IF (<country> = country A) THEN TRUE). How do I use it to filter which sheet to show? How do I set this up?