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    Round to the Second Digit %

    TaRan Wilson

      I am having a problem getting my dashboard to display my percentage to the second digit, rather than the third. I know you typically can right click the value in the side panel and go to Default Properties > Number Format and then select the number of decimal places you want the Percentage values to be, but I am not given that option for the dimensions I'm choosing or the pills in the rows/columns bar. I can set it for the Number of Records value (which I'm using), but that doesn't change the decimal place for my on screen content. I realize this is probably something very simple I'm missing.


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          Jim Dehner

          That's not very convenient - have you tried using the round() function



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            Don Wise

            Hello TaRan,


            Sometimes, I've found that I need to right-click on the pill itself, go to formatting, then click on Pane to set the custom number formatting.  Maybe that will help?  Thx, Don

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              Deepak Rai

              ROUND(Drag copy of Your  SUM Calculation from Column to here,2)

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                Michael Hesser

                Hi TaRan-- how are you producing your labels? Is it via a reference line (e.g. the MAX of your Column value)?


                If so, what happens if

                #1 Make a copy of your workbook

                #2 Right-click your Columns calc and Format it


                If that doesn't work, maybe this will:

                #1 Make a copy of your workbook

                #2 Drop a copy of your Columns calc onto Label and right-click Format it

                #3 Remove the reference line value


                Naturally, it might help us if we could see your file


                Good luck! --Michael

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                  TaRan Wilson

                  @ Jim Dehner - I did try the Round function, but received an error along the lines of "did you mean float instead of a string value?" My code was: ROUND([Status (Locations)],2)


                  @ Done Wise - I have tried that, but clicking on the dimension pills in the Rows pane does not give me any type of formatting for percentages. Only the usual visual formatting (color, font size, etc.).@

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                    Michael Hesser

                    Ah-ha ! You are pulling this from a SERVER source and you may be prohibited from altering the source formatting.


                    Perhaps the ROUND function in a new calc (as suggested above) will be the answer?

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                      TaRan Wilson

                      @ Deepak Rai - That worked for me. Thank you very much. I was not writing the function properly.


                      @ Michael Hesser - Yes, all of my data sources are on Tableau Server. Now that you mention it, that is probably why I was having difficulty changing the format through menu options. I swear, having my DS on the server keeps biting me in the **** every couple of months. I wish it didn't function that way, but I understand why it does.