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    Annotation by Data source

    Daniel Jung



      I would like to be able to create automatic annotations or lines to my graphs indicating key events on specific days.


      What I have is a bar graph indicating key performance metrics on a daily/weekly basis. What I would like to add are dynamic annotations on specific days for when specific app changes were made. (This is so I can see how performance changes depending on when certain app updates were made).


      The problem with adding annotations manually is that I have several different reports and I do not want to add the same annotation for every workbook. I would prefer to add some kind of data source that could specify on which specific days what changes occurred.


      E.g. a table that kinda looks like:

      App ChangeDate
      Version 1.0June 3rd, 2018
      Version 2.0June 15th, 2018
      Version 3.0

      July 3rd, 2018


      Or something that can help automate the process.


      Is there an easy way to do this in Tableau or any suggestions on how I could get what I want?

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          Galen Busch

          Hi Daniel,


          You're on the right track.


          Create an excel workbook with a standardized date format: MM/DD/YYYY and a column for notes.


          You can then add this excel workbook to your data source (go to your data connect screen, add data connection, connect to your excel workbook) and left join this new sheet to your existing datasource on [Date] = [Date].


          You can then add to/modify this excel workbook, and it can supply multiple workbooks with tooltips.