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    Need to hide the Data Source

    Deep Makwana

      Hi All,


      I am a student and I am starting this discussion with regards to get a help on how to hide the data source while publishing a workbook in Tableau. So the issue is that, we have multiple students on the same data source and I have plotted a visualization for all of those on a single tableau story. So as of now, every student can see its own records and information by selecting his/her name from the drop down. I want to share this workbook with them, but don't want them to click on the data source and view the raw data source as it is a complete violation of the privacy and won't be acceptable. Can you'll help me with a solution to this problem? I understand that I need to figure this out on my own which I tried via reading several articles but that did not help hence contacting you'll. It will be very helpful if you'll can take a look in this.


      Thanks a lot!

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          Daniel Stanish

          Good day Deep Makwana!


          When you say publishing, are you publishing this to Tableau Server or Tableau Online? Tableau allows for identifying the current logged in user via calculation, and you can  use this to filter the data source down to that logged in user. This works if the user id they are logging on with corresponds to the a user id in the data. The function is "USERNAME()".


          Does this help?