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    Replacing data

    Jerry Flatto

      This is probably a basic question but I am not getting this to work.  I am creating a tde file using Tableau Prep for sales data.  I am using tde versus hyper because tde files are smaller when generated by Tableau Prep.


      For the data file, I bring it into Tableau Desktop 10.5.5 and have created a number of charts based on the data source.  Now I want to replace the sales data with the next week of sales data.  The charts should stay the same but just the underlying data should change.  Then repeat the process for the next week and so on.  I am not using Tableau Online or Tableau Server for this right now.


      I have created the Tableau file as a twb file and connect to the tde data.  Should I create the Tableau file as a twbx?


      This seems like it should be obvious but I am not getting the data sets to switch between two different tde files (sames headings, different data).

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Jerry



          I just checked a file I had - I did have difficulty with an updated tde file coming out Prep updating a Tableau file but I was able to output a csv file oup of Prep and use it to update a tableau file that I had previously created as a csv file - no problems





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            Jerry Flatto

            Thanks.  I just created a hyper file for my two data sets and was able to replace the data sets as expected.  There may be an issue with the TDE format that prevents the replacement from working.  I guess I will hyper files even if they are larger.