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    SQL Table Joins - Best Practices?

    Jordan Laughlin

      We currently house all of our data in separate SQL tables, and have previously been joining these tables either using Tableau's default table joins or the custom SQL query tool. We then extract and publish the joined data source with a refresh schedule.


      Our data tables are not too large (less than 100K rows each), but some of our extracts take 10-15 minutes to refresh. With management wanting "real-time" data, refreshes every 30 minutes are already becoming unscalable.


      I have tried publishing individual tables and utilizing blending, but a table with active/inactive customer names and a table with outstanding charges are unable to do simple calculations due to the aggregations. (E.g. Blending to sum the outstanding charges for only inactive customers does not work).


      Is there a best practice that I am missing, or is this the standard experience?