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    Sort a color legend by different metrics

    Danielle Rios

      Hello guys,


      I'm facing a need to sort the color of a dimension by a couple types of metrics I'm using to. The final model could be like this:


      Every color represents a segment, and I'd like to sort this color by the metric I'm using, like visits, minutes, etc. to see which segment is the first one. When I sort by Visits, the color in first row need to show "Segmento Alimentos" with purple color, Minuts, "Segmento Lazer" in blue color and Min/Vis, "Segmento Automotivo" with red color.


      Is that possible to construct a sheet that solves this need?


      I'm attaching the workbook if anyone could help with.


      Thank you very much!

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          Please see if this is closer to the goal.


          You could try using a Parameter of a list of your metrics.

          Then the Value to sort by will be [Sort Value]:

          CASE [Select Sort Metric]

          WHEN "Visitas" THEN [Visitas]

          WHEN "Minutos" THEN [Minutos]

          WHEN "Min/Vis" THEN [Min/Vis]



          Now in the Sort of Segmento, you can select

          Descending and Sort Value summed.


          This field can also be placed on your legend sheet.

          Likewise here you can

          Segmento, you can select sort by [Sort Value] summed

          and descending.


          Please see workbook v9.1 attached in the Forum Thread.


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