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    Data Insights or Data Discovery or Exploratory  Data analysis

    aditya janapala

      Hello All,


      I wanted to check from Pros , does any one have a procedure or a template on how do you start gaining actionable insights about data?


      It may be the charts they use like scatter plot, histogram , and box plots? or choosing measures and dimensions. I know data discovery is a art, but any inputs how Pros approach if they are been asked to get insights about Revenue data .

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          nikher verma

          Hi Aditya Janapala,


          Analytics (mathematical ways of synthesizing metrics) must illuminate business conditions, sentiment and directional changes over time. Insights are what humans make from analytics - once you have data and perform the analysis, you have the knowledge to form insights and change your actions or responses.


          (Copied from Quora )


          So first analyse your data by understanding it , playing with it .You will automatically understand whats wrong with the trend or the thing that you are trying to figure out .

          Then you will explain others about it - so this part i.e. explaining your side that you get from data is insight .


          If someone is really good with numbers or number crunching ,he/she doesn't need charts to figure out the  trend and many needs charts .


          In short there is no such hard n fast rule or procedure or template for this .


          -Nikher Verma