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    Try to publish an updated workbook to Public Tableau, but can't overwrite the workbook

    Cheryl Lee



      I hope someone can help me here.


      I'm publishing an updated workbook to replace previous published packaged workbook in Public Tableau.  I have chosen to replace the working with the expected name.  For example, I like the workbook to be visible called DashboardView.


      However, despite the fact that Tableau asked whether I would like to replace the workbook and I said yes, after publishing the workbook in Public Tableau, the link to the workbook ended up using the name "DashboardView_3" instead of "DashboardView".


      I tried several times and even got to the point to remove previous workbook, and restart uploading.  Public Tableau still created the workbook under "DashboardView_3".  I tried to update the source codes by removing "_3", but nothing seems to work.


      Can someone please help and let me know how I can fix this?


      Your help is much appreciated!!!


      Thank you!