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    How can I show last value of a chart  in the title field in color (pos green neg red)?

    Fernando Doutel

      Hi, I'm replicating in Superstore a problem I have with a Dashboard. I'd like to show in the title of the view the last value of an area chart. The problem is that the value can be positive or negative, so I'd like to show it in green if >= 0 or in red if <0. The trick of not showing null values works well in tooltip (If you move the cursor to the last value in the chart it works fine and only the positive value is shown) but this does not work in the Title of the sheet. Im using Tableau 10.5.1.


      Is there a way of making this work? Again, I want to only show the  value in green if positive or the value in red if it is negative in the title.


      Thanks a lot!