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    Sheets not Updating after Refresh

    Sebastian Thierfelder

      Hi Tableauers,


      I have on my hands a Workbook that contains Sales data for all Weeks in 2018. This data is coming from an Excel sheet. Every week, new rows are added to this sheet, thus adding data for another week.


      Unfortunately, even though the Sheets are set up in a way that new weeks' data is supposed to be added to the viz and thus update the dashboards, this does not happen.

      In the picture below:

      I had until today data only until Week 23 (value: 495). After updating the data source with Weeks 24 and 25, nothing has changed in my Workbook.
      You see below that only the value for W23 appears, even though I filtered the Weeks to show W24 and 25 as well.






      What's odd is that when removing the Week pill from the Columns and inserting it back in, the added Weeks do appear.


      This is not a viable solution as the workbook is meant to be as automated as possible, and there's a considerable amount of sheets that would all need to be worked on every week.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!


      Thanks in advance:)



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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Sebastian,


          You seem to have a week filter in your filters shelf there, please could you right click, and select edit filter to show me what's in there?


          If you're selecting specific weeks, then it'll only tick on the selected ones. If new weeks are added on, the additional weeks are not automatically selected.





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            Sebastian Thierfelder

            Hi Mavis,


            Thanks for your reply!


            If you look at the right side of the picture attached, you will see the Filter and the Weeks selected. Even though Weeks 24 and 25 are selected in the filter, they do not appear in the viz.


            It's as if the sheets are stuck even though the filters aren't blocking the data from appearing in the viz.

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              Sebastian Thierfelder

              Hi guys,


              Just noticed that on the week pill I can click on 'Show Hidden Data' which makes the new weeks appear.




              Do you know why? And how to automate this so the new weeks are automatically shown?



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                Jameel Shihadeh

                I think this is by design. Instead of specifying the exact weeks in your filter, try to come up with a formula that automatically pulls in weeks based on the date. Something similar to building a calculated column like this:


                if INT(REPLACE([Week], "W", "")) <= datepart('week',today())) then TRUE else FALSE END


                The first part pulls the week number from your Week column and converts it to a number. Then the second part pulls week number from today's date. Then filter on TRUE and when you refresh it will show weeks 1 to today's week number. Is this what you mean?