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    Help collapsing worksheets for TreeMap filtering

    Rachel Grillot

      Hi there,


      I have been pulling my hair out trying to get my treemap to work properly, and was hoping for some help from one of you fine folk! 


      Attached is my workbook.  I would like the highest level (worksheet) to take up the entire view by default, but when someone clicks on the treemap, the highest level and middle level now split the view in the screen.  When someone clicks a mark on the middle level, now the lower level pops up to take up a 3rd of the screen. 


      I have added what I believe are the correct actions, but cannot for the life of me get the worksheets to pop up or disappear appropriately.


      Any advice would be much appreciated!  I am not sure I understand the behaviors of worksheets when height/width are fixed or when the views are fit, etc, and trying to resize things manually on the dashboard is a real mystery.