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    Slow extracts on Postgresql

    Vasili Leontev



      I'm experiencing a problem with tableau extracts on Postgresql (we use postgresql 9.6 and tableau 2018.1 version).

      I have a table with 4m rows and about 130 columns. In 'live' mode it takes ~30 seconds to compute filters and create an aggregated report in tableu using this table. It fetches rows in several active transactions which stay active until all work is done.


      But when I'm trying to extract it, it takes more than two hours. It opens a transaction in 'idle in transaction state' and fetches ~500 rows a second.

      I read bunch of articles about extract optimizing but it not helped.


      How to find out a bottleneck? Or may be there is another way to handle this?

      I really don't have to re-extract all data every time, as only last few days data is being changed.