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    Overriding the login screen

    Adam Guttman

      Overriding login screen

      We try to embed workbook inside our app.

      Our app is winform application with an embedded browser.

      When a user click on a button the embedded web browser access a View of a WorkBook.

      we use Url's from the "Share" button in the View.



      The only problem is that some time users are prompt to login to the Tableau server.



      We need to avoid that.



      We use User Based license and not core licensing so guest user wont work.



      I've tried to build Html page to wrap the View page and use js to try and do the login but had no success. (the browser wont let me access elements within the <iframe>.



      Using the embeded code instead the url link is creating <iframe> element so this method wont work either.



      The last option I can think of is creating the Post request that the browser is creating when the user clicks in the "sign in" button.

      But now im facing yet another problem: the password is being encrypted befoe being added to the Post request.



      The question is: how can I avoid the Login screen completly? can I pass the user and password as an query string to the server?



      If not, what is the encryption method that the browser using for the password? Im having a hard time figuring it from the minified js files.



      I've attached the:

      1. login pages that the browser is redirected to.

      2. Html page that supposed to wrap the Tableau View and do the login using parameters from the query string.

      3. the post request that Im thinking to generate myself, but cant becuse I dont know what encryption method is being used.


      Best regards.