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    Show grand total and filtered total in one table

    Mark Thomson

      Lets say I have the following values


      Vendor AAA, Costs 100


      For Vendor AAA we have


      Business XXX who pays 60

      Business YYY who pays 40


      On a table I am showing


      Vendor   Total

      AAA        100


      When i used filter on business set to say XXX I get


      Vendor Total

      AAA      60


      When i filter for a business (e.g XXX) i want to see


      Vendor Total  VendorTotal  %ofTotal

      AAA      60     100                60%


      If i filtered for YYY I would logically get

      Vendor Total  VendorTotal  %ofTotal

      AAA      40     100                40%


      If i removed all filters I would get

      Vendor Total  VendorTotal  %ofTotal

      AAA      100     100                100%


      Any help would be appreciated... been stuck on this for weeks.