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    2018.1.2 Sheet swapping inside containers

    Trevor Hodges

      Since 10.3/10.4 'fixed' tooltips on overlapping containers for sheet swapping I have moved to using one horizontal container with 5-10 sheets inside that swap based on a parameter.


      Everything in 10.5 worked perfect this way including having a vertical container inside the original horizontal one. (having a horizontal inside another one would never let it collapse down)


      After upgrading to 2018.1.2, vertical containers inside the original horizontal will no longer collapse. It will stay at 30px even if everything inside the container is hidden. (Same problem 10.5 had with horizontal inside another)




      Horizontal Container




           Vertical Container     <---Used to work in 10.5, now forced to have 30px even when sheets are hidden




           Vertical Container     <---Used to work in 10.5, now forced to have 30px even when sheets are hidden




      Now that nested containers will not shrink down to 1px is there any other way to swap between displaying single and multiple sheets?




      Edit: If anyone else is looking to find an answer for this I marked it complete but after quite a bit of testing it seems that there is no true work around to get back the same 'feature/bug' from 10.5 that let vertical containers inside a horizontal collapse down without shifting the other sheets.


      Now I either use horizontal with all sheets fit to width or use vertical with all sheets fit to height/entire view - this is the only way I can find to do seamless sheet switching (no shifting)

      Easy to test by selecting each sheet in the dash, all the hidden sheets should have the same x and y position so they all take up the same 1px column or row depending on vert/horizontal containers.