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    Using Parameter to Filter Multiple Values

    Deacon Thompson

      Hi there,


      I'm using a parameter as a filter in my dashboard. I have three different 'Account Statuses' - 'New', 'Existing' and 'Closed'. Using a parameter to filter is straight forward - I just put Account Status on to filters and put [Account Status]=[Account Status Parameter] in the 'By formula' box on the condition tab. It works perfectly.


      However, what I'd like to do is add a fourth option to the parameter; 'Stock'. When Stock is selected I'd like to see data for New and Existing accounts (or just filter out Closed accounts). I can't get my head around how to create a calculation to do this. In most coding languages I'd say something like "if parameter=stock then (account_status=new or account_status=existing)". Obviously this is not possible in Tableau.


      I think it needs a series of calculations but I can't work out how to put them together. Can anyone help please?


      Many thanks,