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    R integration problem with tableau server

    Milan Pandey



      I've installed Tableau server on Centos 7 machine and installed R on the same machine as well.

      I've set tsm configuration as-

      vizqlserver.extsvc.host -

      vizqlserver.extsvc.port - 8787

      vizqlserver.extsvc.username - <my user name>

      vizqlserver.extsvc.password - <my password>


      I am able to login to Rstudio using public IP and port 8787 of the machine and able to login using user name and password. Also i can telnet to the machine and port 8787.

      However while running my report on server it gives me following error-


      TableauException: An error occurred while communicating with the external service. Tableau is unable to connect to the service. Verify that the service is running and that you have access privileges.


      Can someone please help me out here?