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    Tabcmd extract refresh not running the incremental refresh

    Duncan Hernandez



      So I'm running a scheduled refresh from the tabcmd. On tableau server my data source is scheduled for a full refresh once a week and an incremental refresh every day.


      The tabcmd job runs every 15 mins after ETL is done. When I check the logs of the extract refreshes, it looks like its running a full refresh and not an incremental. Does anyone know why the incremental does not run automatically through tabcmd? I know I can add the --incremental option, but from my understanding the incremental one should be the one running since it is scheduled according to the tabcmd command descriptions:



      If the data source is set up for incremental refreshes, use this option to force a full extract refresh. If this option is not included, an incremental refresh is performed. Not all data sources support incremental refresh.


      Again, I know the solution. I just want to know the reason.