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    Dual Access with Goal Line behind the bars

    Cindi Simpson

      I have a graph requirement that has LY count and CY count as bars and then a Goal line that is only pertinent to CY.  I can currently do this with a dual access on the LY Count and CY Count and make the goal be a reference line.  The problem with this is that the business wants the goal line behind the CY Count bar.


      Has anyone tried to do this or created a double dual axis graph?

      Is there a way to layer graphs in the dashboard so I could put the counts in one and the goals in another maybe?


      Attached has our current way of doing the LY-CY comparison with goal and the goal line behind  a bar worksheet.  I would like the Current Goal to look like the Goal line behind bar worksheet with the addition of another bar


      I am using v10.5.2