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    Hide worksheet in a vertical container on a Dashboard if no data available

    Govinda Prasad

      Hello All


      Just wondering if there's a way of hiding a worksheet that is present in a vertical container if there's no data available for the filters that have been selected?


      For example, I have 4 worksheets, WS 1, WS 2, WS 3, WS 4 and I've placed all of them in a vertical container on a Dashboard (DSH). All the worksheets have got some filters on it and I've applied the filters on the Dashboard as well. Say if, for a particular filter, if WS 1 and WS 3 has got no data in it, I would like to display only WS 2 and WS 4 and hide WS 1 and 3.


      The vertical container isn't actually solving the purpose as its still showing a blank line (white space line) in the place of worksheets which has no data (WS 1 and WS 3) for the selected filters. I do not want the user to see this blank line. Is there a way of hiding the sheet completely if there's no data available?


      Dashboard screenshot below. I've intentionally masked/blurred the data present in WS 2 and 4.