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    SSRS & Tableau

    Phyllis Eanes

      We have a Developer who would like to know if a Tableau workbook could be a data source for parameterized SSRS Report?

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          Ken Flerlage

          You want to use a Tableau workbook as a source for an SSRS report? That is kind of a strange request. Can you give some more details on what is driving this need? There are ways to do this, but the goal is important to giving a good answer.

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            Phyllis Eanes


            This is what our developer is saying….


            We are looking a ways to allow users to review the data behind a view.  The default formats available in tableau don’t offer enough flexibility.

            Looking to add a button to the tableau page and launch the SSRS report that uses the tableau data behind a specific view as the data source.


            Does this help?




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              Ken Flerlage

              I guess I'd argue, philosophically, whether or not it's necessary for people to need to see all the detailed data below a Tableau visualization. The idea of data visualization is to extract the insights that cannot be found by looking at all the detailed data. My approach would be to build a visualization that starts at a high level then allows the user to drill into the data in more and more detail using visual representations of that data, as opposed to showing the detailed data.


              OK, I'll get off my soapbox now . To my knowledge, there isn't a way to connect SSRS directly to a Tableau extract, but there are a couple of options available. First of all, Tableau is ultimately just executing some SQL query to get its data, so you could take the SQL being executed by Tableau and use that in SSRS. Another option may be to use Tableau Prep and build a flow which takes the Tableau extract as a source and writes it to CSV. That CSV could then be consumed by SSRS. One last option might be to do all of your data work up front, transforming and preparing the data within a data mart/data warehouse, so that it's just a simple select against a table, which could easily be done by both Tableau and SSRS.