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    How to add an additional source column INSIDE fo tableau

    Alex Martino

      Hello. Steve Martin


      Steve Martin created instruction on how to easily create a waterfall chart with measures. He used superstore set. How can I do what he suggest below?


      How do I add a source column to an already existing data set? And then how can I create it so that it will be populated with one null record and all other records as "end"?


      Also, does anyone know why this works? Thanks!!


      To build the waterfall, the datasource needs an additional source column we shall call 'Waterfall'
      Once in place, you will need at least one null record where the Waterfall column is populated as 'Start', all other actual records need to be populated as 'End'


      When filtering, it is imparitve that the waterfall start record (in this instance 'Null') also remains in the filtered items