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    Is it possible to create visualizations(charts) on our own using tableau?

    Vidhya Sri

      The time taken to load the charts(visualization) using tableau in my mobile app is close to 10 or 15 secs. So i am looking for alternative methods like creating my own chart but only to use the intelligence tableau provides on creating the visualizations.

      In short, i want to know whether there is some support or API available from tableau using which i can draw the visualizations by myself in my mobile app without losing any chart data or functionality like digging deeper in charts.

      For example, an API from tableau using which i can create the chart in my mobile app. After creating it, if user touches any data that should be sent again to tableau to get further event action like showing filters/tables etc.

      Is this even possible? I did lot of research in tableau and got to know about tableau SDK, tableau API's, tableau extensions etc. but unable to find what i am looking for.