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    Time difference in hours between two rows

    Ajay Kulkarni



      I would like to build a report that will show how long in hours or minutes a person took to go from STEP 1 to STEP 3. ( sample data in below table).

      Effectively, i am trying to understand on how to do a time difference between rows for same set of data (same person in this case).



      P1Step 106/20/18 08:06:39 AM
      P1Step 206/20/18 09:06:36 AM
      P1Step 306/20/18 10:06:29 AM
      P2Step 106/05/18 12:06:34 PM
      P2Step 206/06/18 05:06:05 AM
      P2Step 306/06/18 07:06:24 AM