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    Apply filtered ID list to general data

    Maggie Dolan

      Hello Tableau.

      I'm attempting to analyze enrollment patterns for students that meet the following two parameters:

      - attend institution 72000

      - have taken at least one class in building 0095


      I then want to take that list of Student IDs and investigate their course patterns more broadly (essentially, including courses taken in other buildings). If I were in Excel, I would create an index match in the main data table that references the student IDs in the filtered sheet. (In this data, each row is one student's enrollment in a particular course.)


      I tried filtering by manually highlighting the student IDs in the sheet, and then attempted to track the data filter by creating a Student ID measure that counts the unique institutional IDs. The problem is that the count of Student IDs increases as I add dimensions to the sheet that increase the number of rows. (The student ID count increases even if it the first parameter considered in rows.)


      My question is, what is the best way to adjust a filter so that it includes all rows with IDs in the originally filtered list, even if certain rows don't meet all conditions used in the filter?


      I can't include a packaged workbook because it includes confidential data but have added a couple screenshots below. Thanks for your help!