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    Stacked Waffle Chart

    Kristin Simonova

      Hello everyone.


      I am new to Tableau and have been trying for a few days to create a stacked waffle chart like this on here:

      (I managed to make a single view one but it would not aid the comparison I am trying to make).



      I am limited to using Tableau 10.4 as this is what they have for my placement.


      The data I am trying to use is in the dummy set sheet in the attached.


      What I am trying to show is the % of people alive after 10 years, broken down by the Cohort (aka their Cancer). So the colours for the above will be 4.

      One catch in the data, the percent calculation needs to be made on the relevant year (only patients from year 2011 can be taken into account for 10year survival calculation).


      If you need any more information about this, let me know.


      Your help will be much appreciated.