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    Compare the separate rate to an overall rate. ( The biggest challenge I have in Tableau. Ever!)

    Jieliang He

      I would like to make a quadrant graph which depends on a calculated field.

      The script I wrote for that calculatd filed is:


      IF SUM([Click_Rate])<AVG([Click_Rate]) AND SUM([Open_Rate])<AVG([Open_Rate]) THEN 'Low opens, low clicks'

      ELSEIF SUM([Click_Rate])<AVG([Click_Rate]) AND SUM([Open_Rate])>AVG([Open_Rate]) THEN 'Low clicks, high opens'

      ELSEIF SUM([Click_Rate])>AVG([Click_Rate]) AND SUM([Open_Rate])<AVG([Open_Rate]) THEN 'Low opens, high clicks'

      ELSEIF SUM([Click_Rate])>AVG([Click_Rate]) AND SUM([Open_Rate])>AVG([Open_Rate]) THEN 'Nailed it'



      The script above is not working.

      My ideas here is to compare the separate email performance, in terms of open rate and click rate, to the overall open rate and click rate of all campaigns.

      How should I change it?



      Really spent so long to solve this problem, so frustrated........