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    I don't have a "valid field range"

    herb lau

      Okay, so I have this background image I'm trying to use for a map, and I want to plot up to 40 different points on it.

      At this point, I'm trying to add the image into maps.


      As far as the data, I have 2 rows of  twenty different points each.

      I'm compiling the longitude and latitude info on each point and using https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/bkimages_maps.html as my guidelines.


      Now more than likely, I'll change out the background image later (because I need the zoomed out version because the plot points will be farther apart).

      but I'm trying to get the process down first. 


      I'd appreciate tips on what I'm doing wrong.


      I'm also going to have to resize the points by a value of one of the columns but that's a separate issue I'm still working on.tableau map error.JPG

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          Michael Gillespie

          Herb, we'd love to help but you haven't told us what's going wrong.

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            Dan Cory

            You need to set the X Field and the Y Field. They should be longitude (X) and latitude (Y). You also need to set the Left/Right and Bottom/Top values to match the edges of your map.



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              herb lau

              Well, it's been a few days since the original post, and I've sort of backed out and tried it differently, after playing around a lot with the various pages here in the guides.


              I've made more progress but I'm sort of stuck again, in a different place.


              First I changed the data file some more, and added in some columns (names listed below).  I don't need country really, but from my understanding from reading one of the forum pages, country is needed for the state/province hierarchy for mapping.  The estimate column is basically yes no, because the source web page had some of the visitor numbers as estimates.

              I'm mapping popular attractions in the UK based on number of visitors, so the attraction isn't naturally in the hierarchy, and I gave it a geographic role, and added the latitude and longitude coordinates (had to go through a lot of different versions of that one before finding the right one that Tableau reads.)


              Anyway, so I need to change the background so it is Tableau fills in the UK map by default.  I thought having country as the field gave the geographic hierarchy for it to do that, but I was wrong.  I'm playing a little bit around with background images under map to see if I can do it that way but I already did it the way I saw in a previous page in the forums but it didn't work.   Now I'm poking through on https://community.tableau.com/search.jspa?q=background+map them again but a lot of them don't seem to apply/I don't yet want to try that method which looks really long but I might have to if I can't find anything better, like polygon map or something else.


              Any thoughts?


              london visitors excel.JPGlondon visitors tableau.JPG

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                herb lau

                FYI, I've already changed Country/Region and State/Province dropdowns in Edit Locations to match my column names.


                From one of the forums, I noticed a certain format requested for custom Geocodes and adding roles, and I tried to match the column names based on that format.


                For State/Province, I put in what would be counties in the UK from what I can tell.

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                  Michael Gillespie

                  This would be a lot easier if you could upload your workbook (twbx format).


                  There are a bunch of things going on that are making this harder than it needs to be.

                  1) Your "Attractions" dimension should not have a Geographic role: it won't correlate to anything in the Tableau geo-database

                  2) Check your spelling: Cheshire is spelled wrong, there might be others.

                  3) Don't use AVG() for the Lat/Long pills: that won't work right.  Pick another continuous data type instead.

                  4) Change the viz type from Automatic to Map - I know this isn't what you want in the end but it will help you see that your attractions points are showing up in the right places on Tableau's built-in map.

                  5) I'm not certain that UK Counties correspond reliably to Tableau State/Province.  If you make this a map, you'll get a way to tell how Tableau is interpreting that column - hard to explain in writing but easy with a screenshot.


                  As I said, a TWBX would help a lot.

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                    herb lau



                    The link above should be to the worksheet as it is now on Tableau Public.


                    Thanks for the help.


                    1) Changed that, I was likening it to "craters" in one of the forum pages where someone was mapping craters in the US.

                    2) Fixed that, the rest look good.

                    3) Changed to Median, yea all the data types there I'm uncertain about.

                    4) Not sure how to do that, initially looks like I have to set a parameter to do that, still need to play with that a bit.

                    5) Yea, I'm worried about that too.  One of the many other issues I'm thinking about and tackling one by one.

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                      Michael Gillespie



                      3) Just change to "Dimension".  You want a single value for each point.  Average will give you ONE point that's the average of all the Lat & Long points in the data set.

                      4) Click on "Show Me" and select the first map viz (1st entry, 2nd row)

                      5) Looks like the County-State/Province thing works fine.  No errors.


                      Is there a specific reason you don't want to use Tableau's built-in maps?


                      Updated TWBX attached.

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                        herb lau

                        3) Thanks. I need to look more at the choices there and what they mean for the data viz.

                        4) Oh, that.  I already have that selected.  I thought you meant something else entirely.

                        5) Ok.


                        I'm happy to use Tableau's built in maps, but's it's not automatically reading in a background map of the UK, so I'm going back over all the video tutorials here and Google searching maps in Tableau to try and figure out what's missing/wrong in how I have it.

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                          Michael Gillespie

                          I don't know why you ended up with the Lat & Long points plotted on a grid instead of a map.  It renders fine the way I did it.  Can you recreate that view from scratch?


                          When you have custom Lat & Long values (as opposed to the ones Tableau auto-creates) you are usually better off placing them on the viz as Dimensions.  If you placed them as AVG or ATTR, you might have ended up with an x-y grid instead of a map.  It can sometimes be hard to convince Tableau to change the "Automatic" choice it made when you placed the pills.  If that happens, it's better to start over with a blank worksheet.

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                            Dan Cory

                            He was getting a scatter plot because the map was turned off in his workbook. Go to Map > Background Maps and choose Tableau instead of None. Then you get a map.



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                              Michael Gillespie

                              Well, that makes sense!  Didn't connect the dots from the first post.  Thanks, Dan!

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                                herb lau

                                Yes, Dan, thanks!  I changed it based on that page, and didn't change it back.  Been changing and trying all kinds of settings.


                                Followup question, I now have 2 filters in my sheet.

                                One works fine, a filter for free vs paid based on the free vs. paid dimension.


                                Trying to put another one in based on the video below, but the software control options don't seem to match. (I'm in Tableau 2018.1)

                                I'm trying to put one on that lets the user choose the top X# of attractions based on total visitors but the current options don't seem to allow it. 

                                I suppose I could do it based on if at least 1.5 million visitors or something like that but I'd prefer to do it like top 5 or 10 or top 20% or 40% or something like that.


                                filter questions.JPG

                                Using the Filter Shelf

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                                  Dan Cory

                                  Herb -


                                  In the future please ask new questions in new threads.


                                  You can pretty easily do a TOP 5 or 10. Drag Attractions to the filter shelf. Change to the TOP tab. Drop down the choice for the number of items and choose "Create Parameter". Create an integer parameter with whatever restrictions you want. Choose the measure for ranking the attractions (sum of 2016 visitors, probably).


                                  Doing something with percentile is quite a bit more work.