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    Plot the last value of many time series vs another value

    Brian Bell

      In my work, there are many time series of rates of returns that are generated by a trading strategy using different values of a parameter (in the data, not in Tableau).


      I need to plot the last (i.e. latest displayed) value of these time series versus the value of the parameter. For example, this workbook calculates the average rate of return, the standard deviation, and the Sharpe ratio (the average return divided by the standard deviation. The coloring is based on the value of my parameter.


      Now I need three bar charts. The first bar chart plots the December values of the AvgRor vs ParameterValue, and the next two plots are similar for  StDev and Sharpe.


      Sheet 1.png


      The attached workbook is very simplified. In reality, there could be many filters applied, selecting different markets, time frames, other parameter values, etc.


      Is there a way to do this?