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    Publish a workbook w/o changing the extract date

    Stephen Schneider

      I want to  publish a workbook without any change to the extract date.


      At the end of every month, I extract data (via automated refresh). 

      I have an embedded extract, with authentication embedded in the connection.

      I arrive on the first business day of the month, then apply some small, superficial edits and publish (with a date-modified name).

      When I do so, the workbook attempts to connect to the datasource.  I choose cancel...(I don't want any data changes.)


      The workbook publishes, but the extract date changes to the current date, even though no data changed.


      2nd try:

      I took the "End-of-month" extract workbook, and tried "Save as"  published workbook (as a new name), and even that changed the date of the extract...even though I saw no attempt to connect to any data source.


      I want anyone who looks at this data to see that the data is effective as of the end of the month...not any time after that.  How can I accomplish this?



      I am using 2018.1.2