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    YTD and new customer/ product combination

    Lucie P

      Dear all


      I am coming to you yet with another request for help.

      I am using Tableau to create a commercial overview dashboardand would like to show these things:


      1. Actual Vs. Previous Year

      My date combine sales from 2016 to 2018. I would like to show, likely by quarter, what the sales were and compare it to the sales of the same period previous year… I could not find the way to show
      the previous year data.


      2. New Customer (i.e. customer we have not sold to for more than 12 months from Today)

      This should be a list of new customer and also total number of new customers


      3. New customer + trade product combination (i.e. the existing customer bought a new trade product for the first time in 12 months).

      List of customer and trade product combination.



      Attached is a sample workbook, many thanks in advance!