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    Error message when I drag my predicted (using R) variable to the field

    Valerie Lim

      I successfully connected Rserve to Tableau. I would like to conduct a predictive analysis using multiple regression in Tableau using R. But after writing my script (which is valid), I cant view my chart. I get this error message "IPC_SocketConnection::Read(len=16, connection=> The connection was closed by the peer in IPC_Socket::Recv(len=16)". I followed the exact same steps as this video (Tableau Data Science Tutorial 11 | Multiple Linear Regression in Tableau Using R Programming - YouTube ) and crossed reference to other posts which gave similar guidelines, but still receive the same error message. Appreciate if anyone could assist me in this! Thanks alot


      This is my script for your reference


      x <- .arg1;

      y <- .arg2;

      z <- .arg3;



      linreg <- lm (x ~ y + z)




      ",SUM([Value (€)]), SUM([Agility]),SUM([Ball control]))