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    How to include more than one (multiple) URL's / Hyperlinks in the same Tabular Worksheet ?

    Navneet Singh Arora

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement, where I want to open a particular URL in a browser on click ( Select Action ) of a shape, included in the table.

      Currently, I am able to do it using a single URL with the help of Select Worksheet / Dashboard URL Action .


      Refer Image : Implemented.png for reference.


      But our requirement is to have more than one URL's / Hyperlinks in different columns. Each column will have a distinct hyperlink.


      Refer Image : Requirement.jpg for reference


      Now , when I create multiple URL Actions on the same worksheet, all the URL's attached with the Worksheet gets opened at the same time on the click of any of the shapes included. Meaning, if I click on LISTEN column, both the URL's attached to LISTEN and EVALUATION are opening up and similarly if I click on Evaluation, same behavior is seen. Also, even if I click on any other column, the URL's are opening up.


      So , is there any way to restrict which URL to open and where to click in order to open a particular URL ?


      Thank You in Advance.