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    How to filter for all elements of a dimension containing a certain string

    Kasper Silverforsen

      Sorry for not giving you a workbook, I am unfortunately not allowed to do that.
      I have a dimension called "Release" which contains around 30 different names. Some of these names have been tagged with "(Latest)".
      The user is supposed to have the choice to filter for all releases or the latest releases through a paramter with options "All" and "Latest"


      I have tried a calculated field like this


      Name: Release Filter



      CASE [Release Type]

          WHEN "Latest" THEN

          IF Contains([Release], "(Latest)") THEN [Release] END

          WHEN "All" THEN



      This works fine, but when I choose "Show Filter" for "Release Filter" and choose "Latest" then there is also a Null value which consists of all the releases not tagged with "Latest". How can I find the release names tagged with "Latest" and not have the Null value?