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    Compare rows based on dimension and apply logic for units separately.

    Swetha J

      Hi everyone,


      I have a table that looks like the following:


      I have created 2 calculated field that meets the following requirement(partially):



      Cal field 1: {FIXED [Id],[State],[City],[Product]:MAX([Kpi])}


      Cal field 2:   IF (ATTR([Cal]) = LOOKUP(ATTR([Cal]),1) OR

                     ATTR([Cal]) = LOOKUP(ATTR([Cal]),-1))

                     THEN 'Good'

                     ELSE 'Bad'




      My logic only works when row 1(Cal) = row 2 (Cal)   as below output




      But trying to achieve Condition 1: IF Unit = #    Cal value of row 1 and row 2 (difference) <= 10 then 'Good' else 'Bad'

                                                      Condition 2: IF Unit = %   Cal value of row 1 and row 2 (difference) <= 5 then 'Good' else 'Bad'





      The resulting table would have the following: