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    Dashboard Appearance drastically changes

    Rishi Rajani

      Hey Community,


      So I created a dashboard using Tableau Desktop and then published it to the Server. It looked perfect on my desktop but was completely destroyed when projected in front of our users. The text was cut off, there were random scroll bars on my sheets. It just looked like I am trying to squeeze everything on one dashboard, giving it a very disorganized and shabby appearance. I also noticed the height of my sheet(s) within the dashboard was considerably reduced and the headings of the the sheets were cut into.

      Request you to please go through the screen shots in order to get a better understanding of what I am conveying.

      I went through a lot of posts and would like to share some background facts about the dashboard:

      1) DPI is set to 100% for both machines i.e. the one on which dashboard was created and one used to project it.

      2) Font size is set to smaller too on both machines i.e. the one on which dashboard was created and one used to project it.

      3) Dashboard created using Automatic sizing

      4) This might probably be one of the reasons for my inconvenience but I am not too sure.

      Dashboard was created on a machine with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080

      Dashboard was projected using a machine with resolution 1366 x 768


      I tried reading a lot of posts but could not narrow down to why this is happening. The Automatic Sizing feature should ideally take care of everything but it failed. Can someone help me with Standard dimensions that I should choose while creating dashboards so I do not have to worry about this again. 


      Do I change my screen resolution while creating the dashboard or do I select custom sizes or what? Please help !


      Thanks in advance,


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          Donna Coles

          Hi Rishi


          Your issue will be due to the Dashboard being set to Automatic resizing, especially since you developed on a larger size than on which you projected.  If you'd developed on a smaller size than what you projected, you might have got away with it, but because it was the other way round, everything became squished (scrollbars, text cut off etc) because there just isn't the room to show everything you wanted. When re-sizing, Tableau does not adjust any font sizes, its just the various object containers that adjust.  It is highly recommended that you always fix your dashboard sizes if you want to ensure you have no surprises when viewing on other devices, or at the very least, if you think you really what to go with automatic, then do what you can to check what it will display like before you formally present.


          The help articles below will given you a few pointers.


          Size and Lay Out Your Dashboard

          Create Dashboard Layouts for Different Device Types