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    Initial SQL in Tableau


      Hi all,


      I'm new to tableau and I have a scenario to achieve. We have few live reports built by writing custom sql queries on source system's tables and because of which the performance of the reports is really slow.  I want step by step guidance on how to create a temp table in initial sql and insert the custom sql query into it. I'm using tableau 10.5.3 version and my database is Oracle.Any help would be really appreciated and thanks in advance!

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          Ken Flerlage

          Why exactly do you want to create a temp table in the initial SQL? I'm not really sure that's going to solve a performance problem. If your custom SQL is slow, then that's an issue at the database layer. You'll want to look at ways to optimize the query. There's a lot to this, but indexes are probably the biggest thing to consider. My suggestion would be to look at the query execution plan and spend some time working through how to optimize the query.