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    Crosstab would like to have different grouping levels. One field grouped by month and the other grouped by year

    Catherine Dunne


      I  am new to tableau. I have a crosstab with the month and year for a financial dashboard



                               Month 1/2018   Month 2/2018   Month 3/2018          YTD Expenses    YTD Budget


      Revenue            10                            20                    15                        45                         50


      Expenses           1                              4                      5                         10                          20



      I added the month/year to columns, category(revenue, expenses) to rows  and the monthlyexpenses to text to get the 1st 4 columns. I add grand total to get the YTDExpenses but how can I add the YTD Budget. I don't want this to be broken out by month but just  a YTDbudget that is 1 column. Due to the fact that I put the month/year in columns I can't get the ytd budget to show as YTD. It breaks it out by month which isn't what I want.




      If anyone can help then that would be great thanks.