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    Help to create a timeline with 2 date columns (Start and End Date)

    Fernando Kommers



      I need help to create a timeline with 2 date columns. My database is set as the table below:


      NameSubjectStatusStart DateEnd Date
      ASubject 1Active02/10/2017
      ASubject 2Active23/11/2018
      ASubject 3Active30/01/2017
      ASubject 2Active27/04/2018
      BSubject 1Active20/03/2018
      BSubject 3Revoked20/05/201720/04/2018
      CSubject 1Revoked20/04/201720/04/2018
      CSubject 2Active04/09/2017
      CSubject 3Active17/02/2018
      DSubject 1Active20/06/2017
      ESubject 1Active25/05/2018
      ESubject 3Active14/08/2017
      ESubject 4Active14/08/2017
      FSubject 1Active07/08/2017
      FSubject 2Active09/06/2017
      FSubject 4Revoked18/08/201720/04/2018



      This is the graph that I have so far. I was able to count only the ones with "Active" in the Status column, using the "Start Date" dates.


      But what I really need is to also add the "Revoked" ones to the graph. For example, "F" should add 1 to the "Subject 4" line at "2018 T3" and then should subtract 1 at "2018 T2".


      I'm attaching the workbook (v 10.2.0).


      Thanks in advance!