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    Running out of server disk space?  My "doh!" moment.

    Toby Erkson

      Performing a regular TS cleanup is necessary in order to keep log, temp, and HTTP request entries from over-taking your hard drive.  If bringing down your TS for a cleanup is not a realistic option on a regular basis you can still use the command while the TS is running and gain a significant reduction in disk space consumption.


      Here's my enlightening experience:

      Tableau Server house-keeping:  Cleanup is necessary!

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          Jeff Strauss

          First off welcome back!!!!  Second, this is a really nice analysis as it makes sense, it's not too complicated, and it's easy to fix / see results.  And I learned something new, I thought that TS had to be stopped in order to clean out the file based logs, but based on your screenprint, it appears that service logs not currently in use are cleaned out.


          What we do here is a nightly ziplogs, then do a tabadmin stop, tabadmin cleanup, tabadmin start, and generally this occurs around midnight when the chances of somebody being online is slim.