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    Calculating prior business day with an excel list of dates

    Lauren Schmidt


      I am trying to create a calculation to return prior business day. Prior business day needs to exclude specific company holidays and because I have found no easy way to do this with native calculations, I have just created an excel sheet with weekdays , excluding company holidays.

      This calendar I built goes through 2020 (so that I don't have to update this file each day) , but I would like to find the most recent date on this calendar and go back one value from there.

      So, for example, my company has holidays on 7/4 and 7/5. If I open this dashboard on 7/6, I would like to have a filter on this dashboard that filters for 7/3 (the prior business day).


      How do I create a calculation that finds the most recent date (NOT the max date), and then subtracts one (with that one being not necessarily one day, but one value less than the current value on the excel document).


      I have attached a workbook with my list of dates.