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    Hiding points of line graph, without impacting trend line. (10.5)

    Brandon Ihrig

      Hello All,


      Some background on the workbook, this is simply a continuous line graph that shows the fluctuation of conversion rate over a period of time with an additional trend calculation.


      The attached workbook will show you that my data set has two anomalies that are affecting the integrity of the visual. These two outliers are making the rest of the line graph very small and basically unreadable. The issue is I can't "exclude" these two data points because that would impact the overall trend calculation. Rather, I'm looking for the best approach that might "hide" these data points so that the visual would be more insightful but ultimately not change the trend calculation.


      I've searched through a lot of community answers and have found somewhat similar situations but nothing specific to my example. Any advice/input would be appreciated.