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    Calculated Field Sales per Thousand

    Eric Peterson

      Hi all,


      I´m trying to calculate sales per thousand transactions and I´m having a difficult time getting a result.  I have one dimension for Location Key, one dimension for Item Key.  The difficulty I´m running into is that the transaction Item (384904) belongs to the same filter as all the other items which are actually sold in the store.  I created a measure called History which gives me the sales of only the items sold in the store and I also created a measure called Count History with gives me the history of the transaction counts.  I also created a measure to calculate the units per thousand, which works on the store level as you can see in one of the screen shots I´ve attached.  My problem comes when I want to see the units per thousand per item and as you can see in the other attached screen shot this does not work.  Any idea on how I can get this result on an item level?