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    Displaying NULL data as blank on map without losing municipality shapes

    Cory Pilat

      Hi all,


      I am trying to create a map of New Jersey showing the number of stationhouse adjustments (a type of juvenile diversion program) in each municipality. I have a shape file from NJ GIS archival database that shows each municipality, and I joined that with an excel document that has the number of adjustments per municipality. For this problem, I've tried an Inner and Full Outer join to see if that would give me a different result. The join it based on Municipality name (I made sure each municipality name matches up completely). My question is:


      There are many municipalities that I could not get data for so they are "null" in the adjustment variable. On my map, I want to have the null displayed as an empty/blank value while keeping the shape/outline of the municipality. The color scheme should begin with 1 and go through 266. How can I have the null value display as either white/empty/transparent while keeping the municipality?


      I have tried filtering out the null values but that erasing swaths of NJ. I also do not want to change null to 0 because the data is simply missing, but that doesn't mean there haven't been any adjustments have received this data via Government Records Requests, so the areas that are null are places that either didn't respond, didn't have the data available, or didn't provide usable data. Ideally, null values should display "Data Not Available," but when I do this it changes the data to dimensions and every number gets its own color (which I would rather not have).


      Any thoughts? I'm using v2018.1.2, wkbk attached.